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👩‍💻 I’m Anna Codrea-Rado, a business, tech and culture writer. I’m the author of You’re The Business and the co-host of the Is This Working? podcast. My work appears in the New York Times, Financial Times, Wired, BBC and many other places. Before going freelance in 2017 (pivot to video, yo!) I was on staff at Vice, and before that, at the Guardian.

🤯 My current reporting obsession is how work makes us feel. Work is super weird and full of paradoxes. It’s a fascinating beat to cover. I’ve written about what I call “productivity dysmorphia”, the disconnect between being and feeling successful; how TikTok influencers are making spreadsheets cool (and v lucrative); the online movement to end work; and early club nights for dance music lovers struggling to balance careers and fun.

💌 The vibe of this newsletter is somewhere between a reporter’s notebook and an email to a long-distance friend. I’ve been writing this newsletter since July 2017. Much like my journalistic interests, it’s meandered through many topics. It’s always, however, been led by my curiosity about how the world works and my place in it. To paraphrase the late, great David Carr, the best newsletters are hard to describe but easy to enjoy. That’s what I aim to do with A-Mail.

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🚀 15,000+ readers love A-Mail for lots of different reasons. I write about money a lot, namely how I make it as a freelance writer living under neoliberalism. I host Q&A discussions with thoughtful readers and the occasional guest contributor. I recommend great reads and other interesting things from my travels across the internet. Some people just like the way I write (that’s the best praise I can ever get).

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🏰 Rules of engagement. I’m a follower of Sir Brian May’s approach to running online communities: “Everyone who is here is here at my invitation. I’m no more important than anyone else; we all have the right in our own small corner of the Internet to run things the way we see fit.”

This is how I run A-Mail:

  • Pay what you like. Despite the payment mechanism being on a monthly/yearly cycle, I don’t view it as a subscription. You are under no obligation to continue paying each month – I encourage you to cancel at any point.

  • No refunds. Any financial support you offer me will be considered patronage, meaning I see it as the equivalent of arts funding rather than payment for a business service. 

  • Seasons. Rather than commit to delivering a set amount of content per week, I publish in seasons. My guiding principle is that if I don’t have anything to say, you’re not going to want to read a whole lot of nothing. 

  • I’m not for everyone. And that’s ok! You have my permission to scroll on by. We’re cool.

If you’re still reading this, I think you’ll like what I’m doing with this newsletter. I’d love to see you in your inbox.

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