How good are we at respecting when someone else says 'no'?
What tweak would make your life better? 🧵What are some things in your life that, if only they were a tiny bit different, would substantially improve your life?

December 2022

Join me on SubChat – a private space for us to converse and connect

November 2022

Oh and should I bring this newsletter back?

June 2022

Calling time on my newsletter

May 2022

The power of pausing, and other life lessons from drawing little squares
What I actually do all day
A-Thread: How's your ambition doing?Welcome to an A-Mail Thread (aka A-Thread)! This is a subscriber-only space to have meaningful discussions with fellow readers, away from the ha…
A round-up of reading, watching, listening and other online and offline materials to make you feel better about your career – or at least distract you…
In which I expose the inner workings of my organisational obsessions

April 2022

Writing and publishing are two different things
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