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It’s written by me, Anna Codrea-Rado, a journalist, author and podcaster

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What is A-Mail?

The central question that guides this newsletter is: “How does my career make me feel?”

Answering that lights up a constellation of topics: money; power; technology; culture; health. It also conjures up some heavy emotions, too: envy; disappointment; fear. Because you see, while this is a newsletter about freelancing, writing and productivity, it’s actually about something much messier.

What I’m really writing about in this space are those feelings that all of us have but that none of us wants. The unpleasant ones, like shame, guilt, and frustration. The feelings a therapist will tell you to “sit with” but that you’d rather just push away, thank you very much. I’m exploring all of this in the unassuming landscape of ~careers~ because not only do all of those emotions flare up at work, it’s also the place we’re not supposed to have them.

I can think of no better place to ask a hard question like “how does my career make me feel?” than a newsletter. This is the space where I do my most important work. It’s where I connect directly with readers, where I think out loud, where I write what I need to read.

If you’ve also ever felt weird about what you do for a living, or indeed even questioned the concept of “earning a living”, then you’re in the right place.

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What subscribers say

I really like your newsletter .... and I’m not even a freelancer. 

– Jessica Reed, Guardian US features editor

Excellent newsletter​

– Rossalyn Warren, freelance journalist for the Guardian, Vox, CNN

These emails are really wonderful. Makes me feel like I'm part of a community

– Katie Bain, freelance culture writer for Billboard, VICE, and RBMA

I devour your newsletter the moment it drops in my inbox and feel as sad as someone finishing a brilliant book when it's over

– Lucy Lucraft, freelance journalist for Red, the Telegraph and the Express

You offer your subscribers so much. So, THANK YOU for giving a cr*p and making the crazy world of freelancing just that little bit brighter for us all.

– Kathryn Conway, editor and writer

About me

A-Mail is written by me, Anna Codrea-Rado, a journalist, author and podcaster based in the UK.

I write about business, cover and technology and my writing appears in the New York Times, Guardian, FT, Wired, Business Insider, Monocle and many others. I’ve been working in the media for over ten years, including on staff at the Guardian and Vice.

Exactly one week after getting laid off from my job as a news editor, I started writing this newsletter. It’s always been where I document my journey as a freelancer and a place to explore my feelings about work and careers. Since then, it’s grown into a weekly staple for tens of thousands of readers who turn to it for its candid take on working for yourself and navigating a creative career today.

In 2021, my first book, You’re The Business, was published in the UK by Penguin Randomhouse.