Let's get to know each other 👋

Hello and happy new year!

Welcome to all the new subscribers who’ve found me thanks to an advice column I recently wrote for the Substack blog. And welcome back to all the long-time readers! Given that there are lots of new people around here, I thought it only polite to introduce ourselves.

Yes, yes, I know that ~intros~ can be a bit awkward, but we’re online; there’s no small talk here. So let’s get to know each other!

I debated whether to have everyone answer the same three questions, but concluded that it’s always better to just introduce yourself however you see fit. If you need some inspiration, you might want to share where in the world you’re based; what you do for a living; what you do not for a living; a link to something you’re proud of; how long you’ve been reading this here newsletter; something you’re excited about for 2022 or just whatever’s on your mind right now.

So share something that will help us get to know you better. And failing all that, just say hello and drop your favourite emoji 🔮🌙